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Your partner for corporate investigations.

✔️ Recognized by Ministry of Justice & Security.

✔️ Delegated by the Chief of Police.

✔️ Registered with the Personal Data Authority

✔️ Member BPOB Trade Association.

Sick Leave

Unjustified sick leave can have financial consequences for your organization.

Housing Fraud

Subletting the property without permission or using the property for illegal purposes.

Corporate fraud

We protect businesses like yours from the harmful effects of corporate fraud.


It allows us to gather information, find evidence and ascertain the truth in various situations.


No one-size-fits-all but custom investiation solutions tailored specifically to your business.

Evidence Advocacy

Your partner in gathering crucial evidence for legal matters.

Test purchases

Are you concerned about integrity within your company or want to verify the quality of your services?

Pre-Employment Screening

Potential employees are evaluated on their background, skills, and suitability for employment before being hired.

Please contact us without any obligation.

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