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Santos Investigation Bureau is proud to announce that we have officially become a member of the Private Investigation Agencies Branch Association (BPOB). This membership is an affirmation of our commitment to quality, professionalism and the protection of privacy. Below we discuss the significance of this membership for our agency and our clients.

BPOB’s role in the private research sector

The BPOB plays a crucial role in overseeing the quality and integrity of services within the private investigation industry. It ensures that all member detective agencies adhere to relevant laws and regulations and the strict Privacy Code of Conduct. This is essential to protecting the privacy interests of individuals and maintaining the professionalism of member agencies.

Core tasks of the BPOB

The BPOB is committed to:

  • Promoting both idealistic and material interests of private researchers.
  • Promoting expertise and operational techniques within the field.
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and professional collaboration among colleagues.

As a member of the BPOB, Santos Criminal Investigation Bureau commits to these principles, which directly benefits the quality and integrity of our services.

Advocacy and international cooperation

The BPOB also serves as an advocate for Dutch private researchers with both the national government and international bodies. This membership places Santos Detective Agency at the heart of a network that reaches from the “European Society of Detectives” to the “World Association of Detectives,” allowing us to enrich our practices with international insights and standards.

The importance of license and POB number

Every member of the BPOB must have a valid license from the Department of Justice & Security and be approved by the police. Santos Criminal Investigation Bureau meets these criteria, with our POB number easily verified on the BPOB website. This provides our clients with the assurance that they are working with a recognized and legitimate agency.

Why this is important to you?

By choosing a BPOB member, you are assured of transparency, legal certainty and professionalism. Our clients can find peace of mind knowing that their privacy and interests are protected to the highest standards.

Free contact

For more information about our services or to discuss how we can support you, we invite you to contact us without obligation.

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