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Alimony fraud: A complex problem in the world of spousal support

Alimony fraud is a topic that frequently surfaces in divorce and spousal support cases. At Santos Investigation Agency, we are seeing an increasing number of cases where ex-partners suspect that their former lovers are not keeping financial agreements. One specific aspect of alimony fraud that often causes conflict is the concept of “living together as if married.”

What is Alimony Fraud?

Alimony fraud occurs when an ex-partner knowingly gives false information about his or her financial situation in order to pay less alimony or receive more. This can range from concealing income to not reporting a change in life circumstances, such as entering into a new cohabitation relationship.

Living together as if married: A crucial concept in child support cases

A common reason for reviewing spousal support is the situation in which the alimony recipient moves in together “as if married. But what exactly does this mean? Under the law, cohabitation as if married means that there is an enduring household, emotional attachment and mutual care. However, these criteria are often subject to interpretation and debate.

Criteria for living together as if married

  1. Sustainable cohabitation: The partners live together on a permanent basis with no intention of ending it in the short term.
  2. Mutual nurturing: There is mutual nurturing, where the partners take care of each other emotionally and financially.
  3. An affective relationship: The partners have an affective, loving relationship similar to a marriage.
  4. A joint household: Partners share a household, which means they live together and share daily household chores and expenses.

The Role of Santos Investigation Agency

In cases of suspected child support fraud, including failure to report cohabitation as if married, Santos Investigation Agency can be extremely valuable. Our experienced investigators can discreetly investigate your ex-partner’s life circumstances. Through observation, interviews and evidence collection, we can determine whether a situation exists that warrants a review of child support agreements.


Child support fraud, and particularly the issue of cohabitation as if married, is a complex area within family law. A thorough approach and professional investigation are essential to get to the heart of the matter. At Santos Investigation Agency, we are ready to assist you in unraveling these complex situations and obtaining the clarity needed to ensure fair financial arrangements. Are you facing possible child support fraud and seeking professional support? If so, please contact us.

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